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2017 Heart of a Leader – Invitation from Pastor Bill Lenz

Attached is the brochure for the 2017 Heart of a Leader training held at the Green Lake Conference Center January 15-20, 2017.. This training is specifically geared for pastors and leaders (and their spouses if married), condensing a nine-month course taught at Christ The Rock into one week. The combination of teaching, small group interaction and reflective journaling will impact your understanding of how God created us uniquely as males and females, how the fall has affected how we live and relate to others, give us a clear vision of what God has for our lives and His desire to redeem and restore and transform us more into His likeness.

For additional information, please access the Green Lake Conference Center website at or call (920) 294-3323.

If you have any questions, please contact Deb Richards or me at (920) 730-8383.

Only By Grace,

Bill Lenz

The Heart of a Leader 2017.pdf