FCEMF – Notice of January Meeting


I have some additional info and a request to share about Tuesday’s meeting.

Our focus to start the year will be: unite, pray, and encourage. First, Paul Cameron will host us and lead us in a devotion and discussion of how the church can unite together to reach the workplace and our neighborhoods, the two largest mission fields our people live in.

We’ll join for prayer at 11:00am, the most important way we can unitetogether. Please consider joining in! Also, please pray about who you could encourage to attend and share the fellowship of our group with in 2016. We don’t want to see pastors and leaders ministering alone.

Hope to see you Tuesday! Don’t forget to RSVP to Paul Cameron if you can make it for lunch at 11:30.


FCEMF Chair for 2016

From: Becky Deuel [mailto:becky.deuel]
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2015 9:26 AM
To: Becky Deuel <becky.deuel>
Subject: FCEMF – Notice of January Meeting

Good Morning –

Happy Snow Day

Our next FCEMF meeting will be:

January 5, 2016

91.9/91.5 The Family

1909 W. Second Street

Appleton, WI


11:00 Prayer

11:30 Lunch and Fellowship

12:00 FCEMF Devotion and Meeting

Please RSVP to Paul Cameron at paulc if you plan to join us for lunch.

Blessings to you –



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