FCEMF – Neighborhood Initiative

Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders of the FCEMF-

I have been meeting with a number of pastors in our fellowship to discuss our passion and vision for our communities and share about a neighborhood ministry that was recently established in the Erb Park neighborhood of Appleton. We have seen some exciting things happen to advance Gospel-sharing relationships in recent months in this community, including a community potlock hosted by Roosevelt Middle School and their leaders. Multiple believers from our churches are at the center of this effort.

At this point we would like to draw other believers in. My request is would you be willing to share with me or contact the parishioners yourself who live within the boundaries of our Erb Park neighborhood? My desire is to approach them describing our ministry intent, inviting them to pray about engaging with us in a unified effort to love our neighbors well.

I have received a universally gracious willingness to do so, with the major feedback being that a ‘Purpose Statement’ would be helpful, something that you could give to your people and to help them pray and consider if they would like to talk to me. Thus the attached document, which explains the details of what this ministry involves.

Please read prayerfully, and contact me with any further suggestions you might have. We are readily engaged in Erb Park (and throughout the area in this process of joining with our Fox Valley neighbors at-large in building stronger neighborhoods) and would especially covet my fellow Christ-followers unified participation in this initiative!

Thank-you, Jim Case

Purpose Paragraphs for United Believer Participation in Erb Park Neighborhood.docx


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