FCEMF – Serve Day 2015

Following is a brief "how to" for Serve Day.

Churches in Appleton are invited to be a part of Serve Day 2015. Since 2000, churches in various cities have been empowered to live missionally in their communities together! The Serve Day website is the administrative tool to make it happen. The date is Saturday, May 16, 2015. Here is what you do:

First Step: contact me that you are interested either by phone mmcanlis.

Second Step: locate a leader from your congregation, they do not have to be a staff person, who will be the contact person for your church and email me their name, phone, and email.

Third Step: support your leader through the process. The Lead Team provides all training for your leader and church.

Last year was our first year in Wisconsin starting in Green Bay – you can go to serveday.org and get a sampling of how it works. The ministry is financed by churches who receive value making a donation after the event.

If you know of pastors/churches who may be interested in participating, contact info would be greatly appreciated.

Mark McAnlis


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