FCEMF – The Heart of a Leader

Hello Pastors,

I hope all is well with you and your church family as you kick off this new year!

This is an invitation to attend The Heart of a Leader course at the Green Lake Conference Center (February 16-20). The powerful quotes below from Dr. Larry Crabb and Jill Briscoe heartily endorse this course for pastors and leaders desiring to realize more fully what it means to be an image bearer.

Some questions to help you discern if The Heart of a Leader is for you:

  • Do you want to be more effective at helping the hurting?
  • Would you like to be more equipped to counsel and mentor?
  • Do you value your story and realize the impact it has on others as you care for them?

If any of these thoughts stir you, join us for The Heart of a Leader! In this five day course, you will consider how God is redeeming your story and how He is using it to help others and for His glory.

You can view the brochure here: The Heart of a Leader. Registration deadline is Monday, February 2.

I have taken this course and know firsthand the impact it continues to have in my life. Let me know if you have any questions and I will gladly respond!

Thank you,

Gary Van Abel
Vice President of Group Relations
Green Lake Conference Center
(920) 294-7362(920) 294-7362 Office
(920) 707-4668(920) 707-4668 Mobile

Dr. Larry Crabb
Author, speaker, Bible-teacher & psychologist

“The Heart of a Leader reaches into depths in the soul that must be reached for real change to occur. The Lord of the Church has no greater desire than that His under-shepherds be transformed in ways that release them to put Jesus on display by how they relate to others. Bill Lenz and team live what they teach and teach the radical power of the Gospel to impact leaders so that they lead others into the abundant life of loving well. Sign up for this seminar. It will make a difference.”

Jill Briscoe
Author & speaker

“Character counts. Scripture tells us that Barnabas was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith. That made Barnabas an indispensable leader and encourager in the early Church. God is looking for leaders who long to continue to be transformed from the inside out. The Church today desperately needs leaders who are humble, honest and who know their stories and are allowing God to redeem each part. The Heart of a Leader will help leaders who long to be Christ-like, servant leaders. Bring your team. You won’t be sorry.”

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Gary Van Abel

Vice President of Group Relations

Green Lake Conference Center



920-294-7362 Office

920-707-4668 Mobile

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