Clergy Appreciation Luncheon

I hope and trust this finds you well. I wished to personally invite you and suggest this information be passed on to colleagues, pastors/ministers/counselors.

During a previous event, several pastoral attendees voiced a future topic suggestion of “Depression” and we have listened to that! As the days progressively run shorten, old man winter sets in where less light is experienced… and shortly after that, the holidays – a time when some struggle with depression, and we as pastoral caregivers often find ourselves counseling and consoling those affected.

We hope you can join us for our:
October Clergy Appreciation Luncheon
Monday October 21

11:30 a.m. – Lunch Served
Performance Enhancement Room, Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Center
(next to Aurora BayCare Medical Center)

Support topic: Understanding Depression and its Relationship to Spirituality

Please RSVP to amy.griffin (as I may be holding my 1st grandchild and gone for a time)! 🙂


Chaplain Renée Lubinski, M.Div., BCC
Aurora Health | Spiritual Care Department | Clinical Pastoral Educator
Office: Renee.Lubinski

2845 Greenbrier Road, Green Bay, WI 54311-6519

John Kieffer


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