FCEMF – Technology

A Free Meal and Seminar

For Pastors and Directors of Parachurch Ministries!

One Pastor or Director of a Parachurch Ministry and One Board Member may attend!

Topic: Communication Technologies that Advance Ministry!

Come and Learn Easy and Practical Strategies to touch lives through video projection, presentation software, CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, flash drives, e-mail links, interactive websites, video streaming, and internet social networking.

This will help you to:

  • Multiply the impact of every sermon
  • Attract and retain more visitors
  • Keep absentee members connected
  • Help everyone to mature in Christ
  • Extend the reach of every believer

Locations: Gurnee IL (North Chicago); Rochester, MN; Appleton, WI;

Waukesha WI (West Milwaukee); Fridley MN (North Minneapolis);

For Dates, Times, and More Details about Locations – Click Here…

For Short Video Testimonies of Pastors Who Attended – Click Here…

For MoreReportsFrom Those Who Attended – Click Here…

To Learn More About the Presenter – Click Here…

PLEASE CALL today to register at 1-800-488-0965
If you can’t make one of these locations, please call for other options!

FREE Ministry Tools We’ll Give You at the Seminar…
After the Meal/Seminar you may take with you as many free copies of the presentation as you would like. They are available on both audio CD and video DVD .

Each church that attends will receive two very helpful FREE Media Ministry Tools. They are:
1.) A Multi-Facetted DVD called "Ultimate Inspiration for Church Growth" which includes several sections. One section speaks directly to the pastor. Another 16 minute section and is made especially for the church board. A third section includes 12 mini clips (each 3-6 minutes in length) of personal testimonies concerning how God used media ministry to change lives. These are prepared for you to show to your congregation on Sunday morning. This DVD is very effective for imparting the vision for media ministry to your leadership team and your entire church. Once they get the vision, there is no limit to what God can do through your church.

2.) A CD audio recording called "How to Double or Triple the Impact of Your Ministry. This message will fill your media ministry team with fresh vision. You can use it to recruit more volunteers by asking potential volunteers to listen to it. Many times as people listen to this, the Lord puts the vision on their heart and they will want to help you out.

Sponsor: Kingdom ®
Technology to serve your church!

Kingdom company cares about you!
Our mission at Kingdom is to be a support to the local church! We have been partnering with ministry leaders around the world for over 25 years to use technology to grow the Kingdom of God.

For More Information or to Register Online: http://www.retaintheword.com/

God bless you as you seek to advance the Kingdom of God!

Ministry Support Team
Kingdom Inc
719 Lambs Creek Road
Mansfield, PA 16933

800-488-0965 www.retaintheword.com


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