FCEMF – Seek God for the City 2013

Dear fellow workers in God’s Kingdom, 12/19/12

You have an opportunity to redeem the 40 days before Palm Sunday by having the people in your congregation, ministry, or city be on the same page in prayer. Seek God for the City 2013 is a great resource to use in order to pray in unity for the city in which you live. The Church in New London has been utilizing this tool for over 10 years and have really been blessed by using it. We look forward to adventuring together in prayer every year.

I would be glad to order copies of the book for us all so we can get them at the most discounted price. I have one congregation so far with an order of 25. How many should I order for you? The booklets cost $3.00 each. If we order over 1,000 the books will cost us less than $1.50 each. There is an app for this prayer adventure as well that can be ordered. The bottom line is I would like to encourage you to utilize this great tool so your city can be prayed for in a powerful way and together we can make it more reasonable to utilize. Of course you can always order on your own.

Send me your requests for copies. I will be placing the order the 15th of January and will distribute the booklets you ordered at our February ministerial meeting so you can get it into the hands of those who want to participate. We can settle up with the cost after the order is made.

Please go to www.waymakers.org for more information about the prayer booklets.

And how about topping the community prayer adventure with a pastor’s prayer summit on the 22nd – 25th of April 2013. You can register at www.prayersummit.net

God bless,

Pastor Paul Franzmeier


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