FCEMF — InterVarsity at FVTC


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is restarting at Fox Valley Technical College. We are nearing completion of the student organization recognition process and hope to start regular meetings very soon. IV students at the established work at Lawrence Univ. have been helping. Over a dozen students have already signed up.

Please pray for this fledgling witness on campus and the two first-year student leaders (Nicole and Aldo). If you know FVTC students who would be served by Christian fellowship on campus, please refer them to us, with any contact information you might have. You may write to me at webstert, or our FVTC adviser, Deb Buchanan, buchanan.

As always, we are also happy to look up local students at Lawrence University if you have anyone you would like to refer. Since the group there is bigger it is easier for students to find us, but usually a personal invitation from a student leader is helpful.

Thank you for reading this! InterVarsity has been expanding at tech schools in Wisconsin, and it is an especially strategic opportunity considering the large and growing number of international students that are attending these institutions.

God bless!



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