For FCEMF distribution

Dear Colleagues,

Please note the attachments and note from Andrea below. The need for foster care homes in Outagamie County is urgent. Please pass the information on to your congregation. I know within our churches there have to be enough homes to provide this vital ministry. Please feel free to contact Andrea at her information below. Let’s not miss this opportunity to show the care and love these children and families need.

Please consider placing the attached Foster Care Brochure in your bulletin and printing out the Info Session poster and posting it on your bulletin boards and displaying at your information centers.

Larry Creamer

We have an urgent need for foster homes in Outagamie and Calumet County.

In the state of WI, every 2 hours a child is placed in foster care. Currently, we have numerous children awaiting placement in temporary homes because there are not enough foster homes to meet their needs. We currently have 79 licensed foster homes. We need more!

Caring for children who need a safe and stable home will be the toughest job you’ll ever love and perhaps the most rewarding. Please consider becoming a foster parent to help a child who needs your love, your care and your compassion.

“I think many of us feel that if someone we knew, especially a young person, needed our help, we would be there for them. To me, these kids are just family we don’t know yet! Think about being there for them . . ."-Guy Van Dehy, foster parent for Outagamie and Calumet County.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to join the foster care team for an informational session to learn more about becoming a foster parent. Or if you’d prefer to meet with a member of the foster care team feel free to call us at 832-5161. The informational session will be on Monday October 8, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. and will run until approximately 8:00 p.m. There will be a brief presentation and time for questions. This will be held at 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at the Youth and Family Services Building 500 W. Fifth St. Appleton (the corner of Walnut and 6th Street, just south of the Appleton Police Department and Justice Center).

Andrea Lemke-Rochon, CSW III

Foster Care Coordinator

Outagamie County DHHS

401 S. Elm St.

Appleton, WI 54911

920-832-5684 office

920-832-5180 fax

Preparing People to Meet Jesus
Larry Creamer
Valley Baptist Church
3600 N Chippewa Street
Appleton, WI 54911
At the intersection of Highways 47 & 41

Foster Care Brochure.pdf

Info Session girl.pdf


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