An update for our MASA supporting churches and pastors,

We are on the last stretch, getting ready for “Oshkosh”, the EAA and AirVenture. We have housing arranged for a few more than 150 individuals and families who will be our guests. Meals have been scheduled to feed our crew and we expect that count-of-meals-served to be over 4,000 by the end of the week. Speakers have been assigned to churches, home Bible Studies service clubs – a total of approximately 60 engagements.

We are still in need of approximately 10 more vehicles that can be loaned to our guests. Many drive their own cars but we have several that arrive from greater distances and need a vehicle.

Please announce the need in your church on Sunday, if possible, and continue to pray for the details to come together for this event. It’s great watching God pull all of these details together.

Send a response on our website at www.oshkoshmasa.org or call 920.725.6631 and leave a message.

Thank you very much.

Lee Smoll, Exec. Dir.

Mission Aviation Support Association





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