FCEMF – Second Half Ministry – Reaching the 50+ Generation Conference Saturday August 11, 2012

Does your church have a ministry to reach the 50+ Generation? The U.S. population, age 50+, is exploding at three times the national growth rate. And approximately 58% of those age 50+ have no religious affiliation! Here is your opportunity to equip your leadership to reach Boomers and Builders of the 21st Century . . . .

· “Second Half Ministry: Reaching the 50+ Generation” Saturday, August 11, 9:00am – 3:00pm here at Green Lake Conference Center. Seminar and lunch: $40.50 (plus tax on lunch). Overnight package: $139.50 (plus tax on meals) includes seminar, lodging Friday night and breakfast & lunch on Saturday. To register call 920-294-3323. The three topics are: 1) Passing the Leadership Mantle, 2) Inter-generational Ministry and 3) Challenges and Treasures of the 50+ Generation. A detailed description is on our website: www.glcc.org Click on “conferences” then “Pastors and Ministry Leaders” and then scroll down to “Second Half Ministry.”

· “Second Half Ministry Conferences” that I lead for denominations, regions/districts, churches and conferences around the country. A list of seminars is on my website: www.agingsuccessfullytoday.com Last month I was privileged to be the key presenter at the aging conference at Johns Hopkins University and again for the ninth year led three sessions at the Moody Pastors’ Conference. I’m now lining up conference dates for 2013. My latest book, Aging Successfully has just been released and is endorsed by Dr. Paul Nyquist, Dr. Gary McIntosh and Dr. Gene Getz.

Does your church have a ministry to reach the over 50 crowd? The August 11 conference just could spark new interest and enthusiasm.

I would deeply appreciate it if you pass this information on to colleagues and friends.


Dave Gallagher, D.Min., Program Director

Green Lake Conference Center

(602) 509-1732 | www.glcc.org



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